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 Im a Photographer/Cinematographer

                                                      Proud owners of Aim Too Frame Photography LLC 

                                                         We have our own Studio

                                                                         Based in Atlanta Ga.

                                                            Were a Fashion , Film & Weddings company.

                                                          What you can expect if you hire us:

                                               Beautiful editorial pictures & charismatic insightful films

The only problem you're going to have is deciding which pictures to choose from for you photo album or to enlarge to put on your wall.

A world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

That is why our company was established, to help you keep a record of important events in your life through the art of photography.  






About Us


I'm Lanette Cole

Dream team


I'm Fred Cole

Im TheCEO/Second Shooter


Husband & Wife 

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